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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  July 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it could debut the new product in october. >> if you weren't already confused as to which tablet to buy, it just threw in another wrench. >> as long as they're getting cheaper. >> that's good. i can go with that. >> stay with us. good morning, everybody. and happy day after 4th of july. welcome to "news 4 today." >> we want to tell you that the 4th of july celebration turned deadly in one of d.c.'s neighborhoods. this is after someone started shooting. we'll have all the details on that for you. good morning. th it is thursday, july 5th, 2012.
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we want to start talking about power number this morning. >> absolutely. >> almost 50,000 in the d.c. area still don't have electricity. >> right now pepco reports 21,000 customers are without power and 14,000 are without air conditioning this morning. bge reporting 11,000 people in our area that do not have electricity. novec reporting 32 outages and smeco down to about 600. >> the heat is not over yet. >> no, no, we have couple of days to go. and heat-related illnesses is what we're going to focus on today, doing anything to stay cool, stay hydrated. we have a heat advisory. it starts at noon and goes until
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8:00 p.m. the heat index will be from 100 to 105 degrees. sweltering heat yet again. we're not ramping done, we're gearing up. the wind out of the southwest pretty light right now. about 5 miles per hour. some areas by 9 a.m. could be close to 90, 84 to 89 degree, partly sunny, warm and muggy conditions. by the time we get to noontime, 93 to 97 degrees the temperature. it's going to be quite hot, quite humid, more sunsheen across the area. by 5:00 p.m., we may see an isolated thunderstorm but quite oppressive today. let's hit the roads now with mike. >> things are looking good on the interstate in maryland. things are running at speed and same goes for 95 in maryland, in each direction. let's take a live look. here we are 95.
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here we are at 75 and things are moching pretty quickly. also good metro, mart trains. >> thank you, mike. >> in the northwest washington area, police are on the scene of a deadly double shooting in the 600 block of morton street. >> this was a double shooting. one man is dead, another is recovering from his injuries. take a look behind me. police are on the scene, trying figure out exactly what led to this shooting, who is responsible. they're taking measurements here, finding shell casings on the scene and marking evidence behind this apartment build hearing. now, one man suffered a gunshot wound to his face. another man suffered a gunshot wound to his back and that is
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the man who died. now, at this point police are only identifying him as an adult male. they haven't released any more information. they're still searching for their suspect and a cause for the shooting. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> thank you. >> somebody shot four people in 590 -- the 5000 block of north street. d.c.'s police chief said there was little evidence left behind. >> we have no information about any vehicles involved at this point. from what we know it was individuals on foot who were walking down the street and opened fire on a group of another individuals who were up against the oopts. >> sources tell news 4 the sources may be connected to
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another shooting that happened tuesday near the sherman circle area. >> right now police are searching for a missing teen-ager who is in need of medication. marquis correa is believed to be area of the ashton shopping center. he was last seen wearing red shirt, gray shorts, a red hat and black shoes. if you've seen marquis or have any idea where he might be, please call the loudoun county sheriff's office. >> dominion power is thanking canadian restoration crews this morning. a meeting is set up for 6:30 porn this morning. >> a utility worker from florida who was helping to restore power in our area was killed tuesday night in loudoun county.
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he was killed in a traffic accident at the intersection of route 7 and blue ridge mountain road. she was driving a bucket truck. investigators say it appears the brakes on that truck failed, it slammed into a tractor trailer. the passenger was injured and taken to a hospital. they were part of a contingent of workers from florida that have been assisting dominion power crews. this brings the nationwide death toll from the storm to 26 now. >> many are mourning the loss of a well known promoter who died on the shoulder of the parkway. gary richards had got i don't know out of his road to switch seats with another pass injueng when another car hit him. >> today in decision 2012, president obama kicks off his bus tour.
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the tour is being dubbed "betting on america." the president is headed to several northern ohio communities critical to his 2008 win and then on to an event in pittsburgh. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is peaking the president's health care law a political issue. he says the mandate is nothing more than a tax and says the property's decision backs him up. the former massachusetts governor says the high court's opinion makes it clear that the states have the power to pass a mandate or a penalty, not the federal court. therefore romney feels his state's similar health care mandate is constitutional. >> thousands of residents may be in the dark this morning but there was no stopping foorks fr -- fireworks from lighting up the sky last night. hundreds of thousands made their
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way to the mall for the annual show which despite the heat held a little extra meaning for some folks this year. >> it's great to get out here after four days of no electricity and decompress and celebrate the nation's birthday. you couldn't have a better end to this. this is just the way to sit down and decompress. it's just great. put it all behind you. >> with temperatures that felt more than 100 degrees, emergency crews say there were some issues with the heat. >> a search for survivors under way right now after a boat capsized off a harbor in new york city. >> and natural causes or a conspiracy? the discovery made that has some questioning the death of palestinian leader yasser arafat. >> and the adventure that left
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this dog in some need of help. >> and we'll look
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this morning a missing dog found stranded on a ledge is back with her owners. on tuesday a firefighter repelled down into a quarry in portland, oregon to rescue the
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dog named dacy daisy. her owner said the dog vanished on tuesday and wound up on a ledge. >> apparently they took a cage to lure food to her to lower her into the cage. the food fell out and she ate the food. glad they got her out. let's talk about being outside. it's going to be a hot time in the city this weekend. what is this, like day 500 above? >> this is the seventh day where we've been 90 degrees or higher. we're expected to get 11 days in a row, consecutive days 90 or higher. as far as the morning, we get a little bit of relief because the humidity is kind of down. 80, though, college park, takoma park at 80, in prince georges county 79, rockville 74 degrees.
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today we're going to max out at about 100 degree, heat index 105. so we've got those advisories that have been posted. 102 on saturday, 97 degrees expected on sunday. let's go to mike with another look at traffic. >> looking good on the beltway. let's take a look at 95 in virginia, looking fantastic as you're passing quantico. looking good as you make the trip from woodbridge to the belt way. >> and the search continues for survivors of a boat accident. >> and how our local
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a teen caught in a dangerous situation
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some breaking news at 16 after the hour. the search is on for survivors after a yacht capsized near oyster bay in long island, new york. i want to get to melissa in the newsroom. >> good morning. at this point this morning 25 people have been rescued. they are still searching for at least two more. the "new york post" is reporting one of those missing is an 8-year-old girl. they were in oyster bay watching fireworks, the weather changed, the water became rough and the boat capsized. coast guard rescue teams and owners of private boats pulled people from the water. witnesses tell the water it was mayhem. the parents frantically swimming around searching for their children. they also said none of the passengers was wearing a life jacket. two people were flown to hospitals, at least one person in serious condition.
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we'll keep you updated as the search continues into the morning. >> meanwhile the body of former palestinian president yasser arafat may be exhumed to see if he was poisoned. a swiss lab found elevated level of a radioactive isotope on belongings the leader used in his final days. the isotope is rare and highly radioactive. some say if found in his tomb, it could prove he was poisoned. arafat died in 2004 from a brain hemorrhage, just weeks after he fell violently ill. >> a 10-year-old boy was electrocuted while swimming, an 11-year-old still in critical condition this morning. they were swimming between house boats in tennessee when they were shot. several tried to help the boys. investigators still trying to
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find out what happened to cause the execution. >> and a 16-year-old had to be field from the bottom of a 50 foot crevasse. the boy's skin was pressed up against the glacier the whole time. this morning doctors are treating him for hypothermia. >> a chang in weather conditions will help firefighters gain control of a wildfire in colorado. the waldo fire scorched acres and destroyed homes. firefighters hope to have it fully contained by sunday. officials cancelled 4th of july fireworks in that region to prevent sparking another major wildfire. >> a study at cornell university studied more than 1 hoon college students. half of them fasted for 18
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hours. the other group ate regularly. when it came time to eat a buffet-style lunch, those who didn't eat put more starchy foods on their star cheches are quicker source of energy but are packed in higher calorie foods. >> doctors say during the summer they see more cases of swimmer's ear. it's a common infection caused by bacteria. it can lead to painful redness and swelling. doctors say swimmer's ear is more common in people who produce more than average ear wax or who just have narrow ear canals like kids. >> it can also cause complete blockage of the ear canal. the ear canal is like a tube and can swell shut. >> the condition can be treated with over-the-counter
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vinegar-based medication. >> this time of year you want to get in the water, even if it can be problematic. it's 77 degrees outside our studios at 5:20 in the morning. >> it's not even 6:00 yet. v.j., what are we in for today in. >> some not so nice weather. the next couple of days, we really have to get through the weekend. it's really going to be unbearable with temperatures in the triple digits coming our way. because of such high humidity and heat advisory, look at all these counties, baltimore, loudoun county, areas to our south and west, culpepper county under that heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. today. where else do you want to be? maybe in the mountains. we have advisories here, including up around philadelphia, then you've got this big gap through the mountains. the mountains, the beach, either
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one, right? areas of the mississippi valley also under that excessive heat. chicago yesterday topping out well over 100 degrees. so it's going to get worse before it gets better. saturday is the day where the heat is expected to peak around here. we're at 80 degrees now, winds are light so we don't even get a helping breeze. some folks got a little bit of a cooling shower and thunderstorm this morning but even those are now south. later today around 6, 7, 8 p.m. there might be scattered isolated thunderstorms coming through the area. there is that possibility. let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast today. topping out at 100 degrees today. we could see record heat coming our way for saturday, 102 the high, 97 on sunday and on monday the heat could break with some severe thunderstorms. >> no major accidents to report. let's look at the beltway in
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virginia. here we are at the terminal, things are looking fantastic. it's going to take you 14 minutes to get to the dulles toll road. if you're taking mass transit, worry free on the metro and virginia penn express. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> the folklife festival is back open after damage to some of the tents. visitors can explore the aids memorial quilt as well. in a festival runs through sunday. >> the man who has been the face of the phoenix suns for years is now a laker. steve nash reportedly did sign a three-year deal worth more than $25 million. in exchange the suns will get four future draft picks, including two first-round picks. the deal can't be officially
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completed until july 11th. nash led the league last season in assists. >> look at that thing fly out of here! >> the fireworks came a little early for the nats yesterday. washington homered four times on the way to beating the san francisco giants 9 to 4. it's the second time in as many days the nationals have put up nine runs against the visiting giants. it also gives the nats the best record in the national league and a four and a half game lead in the east. pretty nice. it's your last date to help nats rookie bryce harper rise to the list for the all-star game. harper was in third burr his chances greatly improved earlier this week when chipper jones was pulled from the ballot to replace an injured matt kemp on
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the all-star roster. cup vote for harper online. the ballot closes at 4:00 this afternoon. mr. gill crechrist is going to some kind of problem with his finger there. >> and it's still on. you can vote up to 25 times from one computer. >> and you would have a count of that. >> the producer told me that. >> it wouldn't be the 4th of july without the nathan's hot dog eating contest in coney island. >> there were thousands trying to avert their eyes as they watched their favorites chow down on some hot dogs. >> sixth titles, grabbing his sixth mustard yellow belt. 68 is the unofficial number right now! >> it's like watching a train wreck. you hope he doesn't throw it up
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but you keep watching just in case. joey chestnut, that's the guy right there. they call him jaws. he's nathan's hot dog eating champion. the 28-year-old has won six straight titles. he did this one in style tying his own record downing 68 hot dogs. then there's this lady, sonya "black widow" thomas, two-time women's champion. she downed 45 or kind of downed them, kind of sticking out of her mouth there. just ten minutes was the time limit. both thomas and chestnut walk walk away with $10,000. she wanted to break her record, she ate 40 last time. >> she's so tiny. >> she's 100 pounds. >> i eat one, you and you to worry about the after -- and the indigestion that goes along with
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it. >> the battleground state president obama is focusing on this morning. >> and how this dog found his way home thanks to the help of social media. >> and the storms have moved out of the
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looking at stories making headlines right now, d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting. >> and president obama heading back on the campaign trail as he and mitt romney continue to exchange attacks. good morning, everyone. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. >> welcome back to news4 today. >> oh, i missed that part. >> welcome back on this thursday, july 5th. we want to start with the big story that's been around all week, that is the power. almost 50,000 customers in the d.c. area still don't have electricity. right now pepco reporting 21,000 customers without power,
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dominion says about 13,000, almost 14,000 are without their electricity this morning and bge 14,000, smeco is at about 645 right now. >> only two d.c. schools are closed right now. montgomery county will release a full list of their school closings this morning. and we will have a complete list of those closures scrolling across the bottom of your screen throughout this morning. so stay with us for that.
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>> veronica, we really need the air conditioning so folks can get their power back and get that ac going again. >> we have three more days of this brutal, extreme type of heat, four days of the high heat before we're going to see a bigger change. it's 83 in annapolis, maryland. temperatures today going up. look at the hometown forecast for gaitersberg. 93 by noontime. a lot of neighborhoods will hit 100 degrees today and by tomorrow this morning midnight to 5:30 in the morning, we're back to the 70s around the area. pattern change at least coming our way. let's take a look at traffic now. mike. >> interstates are looking pretty good on the belt way. no serious problems to talk about about a 66 mile-an-hour ride.
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here we are 50 at 202. it's about 50 minutes to get to the parkway. >> decision 2012 now. the summer political season heats up today. president obama begin as two-day bus tour. he headed to ohio and pennsylvania. that as the poll shows him barely leading the race to keep his job against republican challenger mitt romney. tracie potts joins us. >> president obama has some work to do. he plans to start to the in toledo, ohio. he'll be focusing on key constituencies within those states. while the poll shows he's doing very well with women, he's not doing so well with working class men. the president focusing yesterday on immigration as he swore in
5:34 am
new citizens saying that we need laws that will allow more to stay. mitt romney tried to stay away from the big issues as he attended a picnic in new hampshire. he's had to deal with discrepancies in his campaign over health care and the penalty for not purchasing insurance. is it a penalty or is it a tax? >> the supreme court is the final word, aren't they? it's the highest court in the land. they said it's a tax. >> his campaign has called it a penalty so he's trying to do a little bit of damage control there as both candidates look toward tomorrow. the focus again will be on the economy. aaron? >> thank you. >> breaking news in the district, an overnight shooting turned deadly in the 600 block of morton street in northwest d.c. two people were hit around 2:30 this morning. police say one man died of his
5:35 am
injuries. no word if the police are looking for suspects. >> today george zimmerman will learn if he gets out of jail. a judge revoked zimmerman's bond when prosecutors accused him and his wife of hiding donations raised on a web site created for his defense. zimmerman's defense attorney said he acted out of fear for his family's safety when he shot martin. the lawyer says zimmerman poses no threat. >> this morning two montgomery county officers are on leave after they shot and killed a man. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon outside the urban barbecue in olney. officers got a call about a man inside the restaurant with a gun, waving it at customers. police arrived and got the man to walk out of restaurant but say he would not drop the
5:36 am
weapon. the officers fired shots, and he died from his injuries. both officers are on leave pending an investigation. >> the search is on for survivors after a boating accident. >> and also ahead, he saved a person frommi drown buing but it him his job in the process. >> and how twitter helped this little guy make his way back home. >> and sick of the heat? you and everybody
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> if you're looking for a lost dog, you may want to send a message on social media web sites. this owner of this dog reunited with her owner versus twitter. apparently patch ran away from her home and managed to board a train. rail officials took a picture of the dog, posted it on twitter. after 500 retweets, the dognded up an hour away from his home on a train. >> unbelievable. he just wanted to take a little
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ride. >> we saw one on a ledge and now we got one on a train. >> they just like to get around. >> whatever happened to the back yard? >> they need the wide open spaces these days. >> 5:40 is our time right now. let's say we take a look outside this morning, folks. the season is up and it's going to be doing some overtime the next couple of days here, veronica. >> that it will. easily doing some overtime. we are all going to be the ones suffering from that. but you just have to hang on for a couple more days. i'm talking about relief that's going to last for days. we did get a little relief in some spots just off to the west of us from the showers and storms that rolled through. they're all fizzled out, well south of fredericksburg now. georgetown now at 80 degrees, 70 over in camp springs. we'll max out at 100 degrees
5:41 am
today, just 2 degrees shy of the record. we'll be shy of the record again tomorrow but still extreme, 99 degrees, 102 on saturday, 97 on sunday. we're stepping it down. weep woo we'll take a look at the big cooldown coming on sunday. mike? >> new information on an accident on dunfee road. on the toll road, things are looking terrific in both directions. erika, aaron, back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> in the market for a smaller tablet? when you could see the ipad mini on store shelves. on store shelves. >> plus hope you weren't late.
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on store shelves. >> plus hope you weren't late. whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeeeee! everything you love about geico, now mobile. download the new geico app today.
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breaking news. we just confirmed several deaths in a yacht accident near long island, new york. melissa? >> three people are now confirmed dead after that yacht capsized late last night. 25 people were rescued. they were in oyster bay, long island sound, watching fireworks when the weather changed. water became rough and the 36 foot yacht capsized. coast guard rescue teams and owners of private boats pulled people from the water. witnesses tell the post it was mayhem, parents fantically swimming around searching for their kids. the new york post reporting one of those who was missing was an 8-year-old girl. none of the passengers were wearing life jackets. it's not clear if one of the
5:46 am
fatalities was someone who was hospitalized last night. aaron? >> saving a live is apparently not good enough to save the job of a lifeguard. tomas lopez was watching hollanddale beach when people started screaming about a swimmer drowning. well, he left to help and in doing that he left the zone he was supposed to patrol. he was fired. two other lifeguards say they were fired for the same reason and four other lifeguards said they had to resign over this. >> i was prepared for this. it's my job. >> the lifeguard company says it is reviewing that ing thaing t. the man who had to be rescued was taken to the hospital and he's fine. >> this morning investigators are trying to determine what caused a freight train to derail
5:47 am
and a bridge to collapse near chicago. 31 cars went off the tracks when the train bridge collapsed yesterday afternoon. it was carrying coal from wyoming to wisconsin. union pacific says it's going to take about two days to clean up the mess. the rail line is not used by chicago commuter services. >> a nuclear reactor back on line in japan. it's the first to be restarted after the tsunami. all 50 were shut off. officials say the situation at the fukushima plant has stabilized but it will take decades to safely decommission it. the area around that plan remain off limits because it is a health hazard. >> next tuesday virginia officials will take part in an emergency drill to test response to a radiological emergency.
5:48 am
the results will be released on july 13th. >> police say a man who may be known only as jason may know more about a sexual assault in georgetown. d.c. police are looking for the person of interesting connected to the saturday night attack. the person of interest is a black man about 40 years old, about 5'9" and had on a brown t-shirt with the words "fight club" on it. detectives have not said if this man, possibly made jason, could have been a witness or possibly involved in the attack. if you have information, call d.c. police. >> in arlington the search is on for a man who sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman while jogging. he dragged her into the woods and attacked her.
5:49 am
the woman ran home and drove herself to the hospital. police only have a vague description of the attacker in this case. >> six days now after the storm and we are learning about a 38-year-old woman who was paralyzed from a storm-related injury. during friday night's storm a pine tree crashed down on the woman's back as she was riding her motorcycle in northwest d.c. the impact severed her spinal cord, broke five ribs and one of her shoulders. she's is paralyzed from the waist down. her father said he is touched friends have set um a donation campaign to help to pay her medical expenses. >> of time i see this help we are receiving mike wife and i, constantly support from everybody that find out about the tragedy on my daughter and i -- i don't know how to react
5:50 am
to that. >> now, the first year of recovery could cost more than a quarter of a million dollars. catalina is an avid motorcyclist and works as an advocate for children. >> plenty of fireworks displays were cancelled yesterday because of the power outages. ashbeen village rescheduled their fireworks for tonight. they moved them so power crews could continue to repair storm damage. a festive display lit up the sky over vienna, virginia. it followed a days of games and or activities. it was the fourth display since a fireworks mishap in 2007 left several with serious injuries. >> and a fire on a deck broke
5:51 am
out at 1:00 this morning. firefighters say the grill caught fire and damaged the deck. that home is okay. no one was hurt or displaced. no word on what sparked the fire. >> hagerstown shortening the hours on its market today. it will be open from 9 a.m. to noon instead of until 2:00. >> that is a good idea, very good idea. >> do it earlier, get it out of the way so you can reduce your exposure to the really, really high temperatures. >> that's what we were saying yesterday about grilling. who wants to be next to a really hot grill when temperatures are so high. and they were hot yesterday. take a look. they were in the upper 90s. raleigh at 101, 101 in minneapolis. where are we right now?
5:52 am
73 degrees in raleigh, 80 degrees here. so in fact we've got like the highest temperature right now in the eastern portion of the country. 80 in chicago, too. 79 degrees in kansas city, 81 degrees in dallas. it's all here and it's not going anywhere until sunday. sunday we're going to see this whole dome shift off to the east and our pattern is going to change. we are going to be cooling down and getting back to near average around here. 72 degrees currently in leesburg, 68 in martinsberg. there were cooling showers that came through the area. cambridge at 81 degrees currently. here's our storm 4 radar. can you see we don't have anything going on right now. but by the time we get to 7:00, 8:00 this evening, i think there could be isolated storm around our area. that's what our future weather is showing, the possibility of
5:53 am
isolated storms. we've got a better chance of strong, possibly severe storms coming up at the time that heat is going to break. the temperatures are going to be sky high on sunday and there's a possibility of severe weather. for today, oppressive. 96 to 100 degrees. make sure you stay hydrated if you're going to be outside doing anything. isolated storms still plenty hot for the evening hours. tomorrow warm and muggy. today 100, 99 expected on friday. extreme conditions for the next three days. upper 90s for sunday. right now just a 40% chance of storms but that could rise significantly by the time we get a little closer to sunday. we have a chance for a few lingering showers on monday. but look at that, monday, tuesday, wednesday, highs in the mid to upper 80s. not only cooler but low humidity.
5:54 am
>> mike? >> a lot of people are still on vacation and that means a smooth ride on all the major interstates. on 66 looking great in each direction. here we are at route 50, no serious backup to look at. also looking great enside the belt way. it's about an 11-minute run at 66 miles an hour. metro looks good and marc as well. back to you. >> we are following a developing story overseas. moody's has lowered its outlook on barclay's credit read raitting from stable to negative. this after three senior officials resigned from that bank. moody's says the change reflected concerns about the uncertainty of its future. >> right now u.s. futures are up, asian marketsnded mixed. >> car makers could be on their way to the best sales since the
5:55 am
recession began. automakers sold more than a million cars last month. that's a 22% jump from june of last year. all big three u.s. car makers posted increases. chrysler saw the highest, up 20% for the month. gm was up 16% and ford was up 7%. if the trend continues, this could be the industry's best year since 2007. new models, falling gas prices and cheaper loans all helped the surge. >> another perk driving customers to car lots, low leasing rates. a survey found nearly 20% of new cars driven off lots between january and april were leased rather than bought. says leasing payments are dropping because cars are holding their value longer and that often means money live lease payments are now cheaper than buying it with a loan. >> apple apparently planning to launch a smaller, cheaper ipad.
5:56 am
it will have a korean that is 7 to 8 inches diagonally. the new device will probably cost about $200. apple could debut that new product in october. >> with online shopping becoming more popular, a lot of traditional retailers have become simply showrooms. but now those retailers are trying to fight back. walmart, macy's, best buy, sears, all trying to extend their web site experience to their stores. they're adding services like in-store pick ups, even drive through customer service for online sales. walmart has also in the -- >> well, this morning a fireworks display in california is being called a big bust.
5:57 am
>> oops! san diego officials say a quote,in quote, technical difficulty caused all the fireworks to go off at once at the big bay boom, no pun intended. they're still trying to determine exactly what happened. gee, i wonder. the explosions lasted about 15 seconds. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> whoever was in charge of pushing the button, doesn't bring them back next year. that guy needs to go to some other show. >> fired, fired. can you imagine? i'm imagining just people walking by going i thought it was supposed to start at 8:00. >> guess we have to find something else to do. >> 5:57 is our time now. >> and ahead, the new choir ray into what killed a world leader. >> and no holiday for d.c. police. six people are shot, two are dead. the heat is our other big story this morning.
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we'll have the latest look at your forecast when "news4 today" continues temperature
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breaking news overnit.


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